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    Creative art images and photography of nature. Explore all the options!
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    Expertly laser engraved designs on durable double-walled stainless steel bottles.
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    Unique laser engraved items of all kinds from ornaments to leather patches and more.
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Our photographers, artists, and crazy staff use a variety of digital tools to create unique works of art and nature images focused on expressing outdoors life.

We are committed to operating as green as possible. To do this, we offer our images as downloadable files. This allows you to print exactly what you want, reduce shipping materials, energy waste, and the need for the redundant deliveries.

Downloadable Poster Art | Laser Engraved Gifts

Questions / Answers

What Is The Buying Process for Posters?

Downloadable Print Files: Choose the files you would like to purchase and add them to your cart. Once the Checkout process is complete, a link appears immediately in your cart acknowledgement. Use the link to download your file(s).

Additionally, an email will follow with the link as a backup. All digital download purchases are final due to the nature of digital file type purchases. However, if you have any issues, please contact us and we would be happy to help.

How Do I Get The Download File?

Your downloadable print file(s) becomes available immediately upon purchase. Once payment is received, a link becomes active in the checkout acknowledgment page. You will also receive an email with a link to download your file. If you have any issues in getting your link or in downloading your file, simply contact us and we will assist you.

What Type Of File Do I Get For Poster?

Download print image files come in JPG and PDF format for best printing.

Many of our download images come in "bundles" of size formats to make it convenient to get the size format that fits your space. Look for the word BUNDLE in the description.

Additionally, we have added a BONUS to many images! A Wallpaper image matching your purchase is available free. Look for the Badge that says BONUS.

What Size Posters Can I Print

The majority of our Digital print images are offered to support the following print sizes: 11"x17", 18"x24", 24"x36," and 27"x40.". Review the product description to know the specific size offered for each image. Please be sure to review each poster description carefully to ensure you receive the sized image you require for your printing needs. Some images are provided with ALL these sizes bundled together in one downloadable .zip file. Look for the word BUNDLE in the product description.

Where Should I Get The Poster Printed?

Digital Print Image file(s) may be printed on most home inkjet or laser printers (check size) or can be sent to any major print/copy service center. Your JPG / PDF file contains everything needed for quality printing.

One of our favorites has been the online COSTCO photo service (but this does require a COSTCO membership). No membership, no problem. Go directly to

TIP: select Luster Finish for photo paper for best results. You may choose any one of your favorite print services.

How Are Water Bottles Engraved

Laser Engraved Water Bottles

Our double-walled stainless steel water bottles have a powder coated paint finish for a clean look and durability. Designs are laser engraved using a CO2 laser which removes the powder coating and reveals the stainless steel below giving the image a slight shine (although the powder coating is very durable, scratches can and do occur with use).

Why White Color? We primarily use white colored bottles for best design contrast.

Bottle Handle: A silicon handle can be purchased separately through AMAZON (no connection to Scott Farmer Art) for approx. $6 at the time of this writing.

How Big Are The Water Bottles?

Water Bottle Sizes

Water bottles come in two main sizes a 17 oz. and a 25 oz. and have a familiar bottle shape for easy handling and insertion into your pack.

Silicone Handle

A silicone handle can also be purchased separately online (AMAZON - not connected to Scott Farmer Art) for those that prefer one. To keep costs low, we do not offer them here... we would have to mark them up. At t his writing, they are approx. $6 online.

Which Brands Do You Offer?

We are proud to offer the following brands that support and celebrate the great outdoors and Mother Nature with the same passion that we do: BearSnot, Timothy Timber, Hamateur, Sandy Beach, and Silverton Strong.

How Can I Offer Your Brands In My Store?

We LOVE our vendor partners. Visit this link to learn more. Wholesale pricing IS available.

However, the best option is to contact us to discuss your specific opportunity and we can develop a plan to get products in your store.

Life Is Better Lived Outdoors

Discover a wide selection of unique posters, engraved water bottles, and laser engraved/cut gifts to share your love of the outdoors.

We are proud to offer the following brands:

BearSnot, Timothy Timber, Hamateur, Sandy Beach, and Silverton Strong.


Poster Images

Check out the beautiful images celebrating the great outdoors. Our artists and photographers travel the world AND their imaginations to create images that unlock the outdoors. Poster images include photography, digital artists work, and/or AI generated work.

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Laser Engraved Stainless Steel Water Bottle Silverton, CO Train image


Water Bottles

Check out the creatively designed graphics expertly laser engraved on durable (and reusable!) stainless steal double-walled water bottles. Share your love of the outdoors while helping to reduce the use of plastics. Bottles come in two sizes: 17oz. and 25oz.

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Laser Engraved Christmas Ornament Closeup


Engraved Gifts

Check out the custom designed laser engraved and laser cut items for the outdoor enthusiast. Celebrate life in the outdoors. Coasters, Christmas ornaments, cutting boards, wood signage, mobile phone stands, key chains and much more are all part of the fun. A full line of leather engraved patches are on their way!

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Maui Chameleon

Hawaiian Island Chameleon

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Scott Farmer Art

Outer Banks (OBX)

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Scott Farmer Art 2

Laser Engraved Gifts

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Scott Farmer Art 3

Engraved Water Bottles

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