Discovering Treasures and Warm Hospitality in Silverton, CO

Discovering Treasures and Warm Hospitality in Silverton, CO

Discovering Treasures and Warm Hospitality in Silverton, CO

Nestled in the heart of the picturesque town of Silverton, Colorado, you'll find a charming little shop that feels like a portal to another era. Ye Olde Livery 2 is not your typical Silverton store; it's a treasure trove of eclectic and cool items that beckon the collectors of the unusual. But what truly sets this place apart are the warm and welcoming owners Edith and Heidi and a friendly Brent. Say “Hi” to Brent for me.

Their smiles and warm greetings make you feel like a cherished friend rather than just another customer. It's this genuine hospitality that sets the tone for your visit and keeps you coming back for more.

The entire Ye Olde Livery 2 family have called Silverton home base for years. Check out the history of the Livery as well – fascinating. Brent can fill you in! They are walking encyclopedias of the town's history and are always eager to share stories about Silverton's mining past. Ask Brent about the mules from back in the day as it relates to the Livery.

The shop itself is a wonderland of curiosities. With its creaky wooden floors and shelves stacked high with vintage treasures and art, it feels like a step back in time, but includes some really cool modern mementos of your visit to town.

Be sure to visit Henry’ Smith’s Gifts next door run by Edith’s daughter. There you will find fascinating artwork, pottery coffee mugs, and a plethora of gifts to remember your visit by. For me, I am enjoying my Ironwood carving of a bear. It sits on my desk and reminds me of both my trip to Silverton and my brand BearSnot. But that’s not all. Staying within the Eggett family you must also check out The Orange Crate Too. Just up the road a bit on the same side of the street. The curiosity shopping continues as you will find plenty of gift ideas from this time and a time far gone. If you would like to spend less time looking at items made off -shore and more cool items unique to the area, visit these three shops for sure: Ye Olde Livery 2, Henry Smith’s Gifts, and The Orange Crate Too.

Silverton is also known for its rich mining history. The town was once a bustling hub for silver and gold mining, and remnants of that era can still be seen in the form of old mining structures and historical sites. If you're a history enthusiast, Silverton offers a fascinating glimpse into the past.

If you come by the Durango Silverton Narrow Guage train and only have two hours before your return trip here is what I suggest. Pack a lunch so you can avoid the crowd. Otherwise you will spend too much time sitting and eating. Yes, do stop into the Grand Imperial Hotel for a peak, but there is even more history to be seen. Shopping is mostly found on Greene Street with a few additional goodies on Empire Street. But, if you are interested in seeing a bit of time gone by and to get a feel for Silverton, take a walk. The North East on Greene Street is the Historic Museum, the Town Hall, the old Teller House, The Wyman Hotel, and if you are really in for a walk visit the Christ of the Mines Shrine at the top of the Hill. Take a few breathers along the way, the air is thin at that altitude.

Since the Town of Silverton is alive today due to the seasonal visitors from the Durango Silverton Railroad, it is only befitting that I encourage EVERY visitor to Silverton to include a stop in The Silverton Train Store. Say hello to “Bob.” Make sure you ask for his book “The Chinese Laundry.” It’s an award-winning short story Bob authored and is among several literary accomplishments. I truly enjoyed being transported back in time with all the description of Silverton from during the mining boom. If you ask nicely, perhaps he will sign the front! The Silverton Train Store is actually part train memorabilia, part history museum, and part art gallery. There really is something for every Silverton enthusiast in the family – and their kids 😊 Pins, posters, paintings, books, whistles, and more and more. Check it out.

There is one thing I learned about the town of Silverton on my very first visit. If you take a moment and speak to the shop owners you are certain to have a much richer experience on your visit. Not only do you meet some great people, but you will learn interesting things and enjoy yourself that much more.

Silverton, CO is brimming with history. Hearing some of the history from the locals is really fun. They may throw in a few embellishments along the way, but that is also part of the town’s charm. And, remember that Silverton has a very different vibe than Durango. I encourage you to take the train, drive, or event the bus, but get there and check it out. I have only mention part of what you will discover.

In a world where mass-produced goods dominate, places like I described above are a refreshing reminder of the beauty and authenticity that can be found in Silverton, CO. So, if you ever find yourself asking where should I visit next, don't miss the opportunity to step into this time capsule of treasures and immerse yourself in the warm hospitality of Silverton. You'll leave with not only a special memento but also a deeper appreciation for the rich history of Silverton and the wonderful people who call it home.

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