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We are excited to introduce you to our line of expertly laser-engraved water bottles, laser-cut gifts, and signage, featuring unique designs that celebrate a passion for the great outdoors. Our products are perfect for customers who value conservation, recreation, and exploration, offering a stylish and sustainable way to stay hydrated while appreciating all that Mother Nature has to offer.

We offer brands such as:






We invite you to enhance YOUR store's offerings with our distinctive water bottles, laser cut gifts and signs. Want to give it a test? Test sales bundles or Bulk pricing is available. For more information, please contact us at Let's work together to share our enthusiasm for the outdoors with your customers!

Best regards, The Scott Farmer Art Team

  • Laser Engraved Stainless Steel Water Bottle Silverton, CO Train Motif

    Engraved Water Bottles

    We can offer wholesale pricing for our vendor partners. Pricing depends upon quanity, so let's discuss your needs. Want to test a few? Let us know!

  • Laser Engraved Christmas Ornament 2

    Laser Engraved/Cut Gifts

    We offer a range of items and add to the list frequently. From coasters, ornaments, and desk items to small signage or plaques for any home office.

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Engraved Water Bottle Options

Sizes: Our engraved water bottles come in two sizes (17oz. and 25oz. - the images shows a 12oz. can for reference.). Bottles are made of double-walled stainless steel construction for best insulation and powder coated white both durability and best contrast of image.

Design: Our professionally designed laser engraved images are renowned for being big and beautiful while wrapping the bottle. This gives your customer the most "WOW" factor while showing off their passion for the outdoors.

Note: Laser engraving time is effected by the size of image. As a reference, some of our designs can take an hour to complete just one bottle.

Each bottle is thoroughly inspected by our artist and production manager to ensure quality of engraving before preparing for shipment.

Bottle Design: Our bottles are the classic thinner shape for ease of use while out and about in the outdoors.

Bottle Handle: A silicon handle may be purchased online through Amazon. We do not wish to mark these up in price, so we simply point you to the vendor. At the time of this writing, the handles were approximately $6 and come in multiple color options.

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Laser Engraved Christmas Ornament 2

Laser Engraved Gifts

We offer a range of laser engraved gifts for the outdoor enthusiast including coasters, ornaments, leather patches, and small signage or plaques to dress up any home office or cave.

Many of our items are created from durable Baltic Burch 1/4" or 1/8" laminated wood. In many cases a durable varnish finish is added to help the design "pop" and the item last.

We are adding new items and designs constantly and encourage you to add your email to our list to be notified of new exciting designs and offers.

Also, if you have an idea for an item you wish to sell in your store and would like to discuss the possibilities, drop us a note and lets talk? We love sharing our passion for the outdoors.

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Frequently Asked

Do you offer wholesale pricing?

Yes. Pricing depends upon quantity. It would be best to contact us to discuss your sales projections. We also offer the ability to purchase smaller quantities for a test of sales.

How long does it take to receive a lasered item?

Production time and shipping time depend upon quantity ordered and the season. Typically, our bottles ship within just a couple days of ordering. We do have busy seasons that can extend production times. It is best to contact us to discuss your needs.

How do you suggest selling the water bottles?

We have found that having a dozen or more bottles in a dedicated area of your store creates a great visual and draws more attention. Additional sales materials, signage or handouts can be created if you feel it will help in your location.

Do you accept requests for custom work?

As our schedule allows, we DO accept custom work. Requests for items such as laser engraved water bottles, custom ornaments, coasters, and signage are often accommodated. Contact us for pricing and timing of fulfillment.

What is your refund policy?

Our refund policy can be found here: REFUND POLICY We warrant our artists craftsmanship to ensure you and your customers are happy. Please read and understand all policies. Links are also located on the bottom of each page of our site.