Silverton, Co


A small town tucked deep into the San Juan Mountains of Colorado offers a visitors a unique blend of modern outdoor adventure with a look back in time to the Ol' West mining days. Days when life was tough and the promise of fortune was rich.

Survival then AND now means being tough of spirit and the heart to endure. The rewards? The best Mother Nature has to offer in any season!

A Shout Out

Robert B. Boeder: The Chinese Laundry

This is a "shout out" for our good friend and author, Robert B. Boeder, of the Silverton Train Store. Bob is an award-winning author and an all-around great guy. If you like the Ol' West and enjoy a good story that will take you on an emotional ride, making you feel like you were right there in the thick of it as miners and townspeople struggled to make their way during the tough Silverton mining days, then this story is for you. Even though many came up empty in their quest for fortune, we know you will enjoy the rich weaving of history, emotion, and gritty storytelling that Bob has skillfully crafted in this award-winning novel set in the San Juan Mountains town of Silverton, CO.

And, when in Silverton, CO, stop in at The Silverton Train Store and say hi. If you are super nice, he may even sign your copy.


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